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Shearwater + Odecloud 


Singapore / Tokyo / San-Francisco. -- Shearwater Asia, the leading partner of Workday Adaptive Insights and Oracle NetSuite in Asia, is incredibly pleased to announce a partnership agreement with OdeCloud, an Oracle NetSuite services and consulting company based in North America.

Shearwater’s professional teams allow small and large businesses across Asia, Europe and now North-America, to grow their businesses simply by leveraging the leading cloud ERP. With OdeCloud, Shearwater gets one step closer to their goal of becoming the world’s one-stop solution for Cloud ERP and Cloud forecasting consulting, business process design, software and technology implementation, system administration and end user support.

“We’re so proud and absolutely thrilled to partner with Shearwater Asia, a proven leader in NetSuite for just under a decade,” said OdeCloud CEO, Osar Iyamu. “This partnership opens up a number of doors for both companies, allowing each of us to globally expand our reach to businesses in need of the best in NetSuite assistance.”

A 5-star NetSuite partner since 2012, Shearwater is the consulting partner for enabling cloud technologies to your business, serving a number of Asian countries including Singapore, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They are currently the largest partner of Oracle NetSuite and Workday Adaptive Planning across East and Southeast Asia.

OdeCloud is the fastest, simplest and most cost effective source of managed NetSuite talent in North America. High-growth companies choose OdeCloud to manage their critical NetSuite administration, design and continuous development.

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