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One Product. One Complete Package.

Contivio.com’s cloud-based Contact Center & Telephony software is your all-in-one solution that provides cost savings, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales & support productivity. Deployed as toolbar in your browser, simply plug in a headset and we’ll have you up and running with an enterprise-level solution using our patented CloudConnect technology to screen pop your CRM – all within minutes, no code or APIs. Complete with voice, voicemail, email, fax, chat, social and SMS for inbound, outbound and blended traffic, Contivio.com is the lowest cost contact center software.

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[vc_iconbox icon=”check-circle-o” icon_style=”default” color=”primary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”Reliable” external=””]Designed and developed by seasoned telecommunication and IT experts, our 99.995% uptime along with our global redundant cloud-infrastructure provides the ease of mind for you to scale and grow your business – ask any of our customers![/vc_iconbox]

[vc_iconbox icon=”history” icon_style=”default” color=”primary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”Extensive” external=””]Our cloud telephony and contact center product footprint is unrivaled as no one includes and offers more features and functionality at a lower price. You get everything and pay only for the number of concurrent users using Contivio.com.[/vc_iconbox]

[vc_iconbox icon=”exchange” icon_style=”default” color=”primary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”Intuitive” external=””]With our simple-to-use, browser-based toolbar, agents quickly adapt to using Contivio.com to manage all inbound & outbound communications without ever having to navigate away from their CRM.[/vc_iconbox]

[vc_iconbox icon=”phone” icon_style=”default” color=”primary” iconpos=”left” size=”small” title=”Effortless” external=””]From our patented CloudConnect click-and-navigate integration technology to our graphical user friendly admin portal, our telephony and contact center solution is effortless and straightforward to use.[/vc_iconbox]

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